From Casbrink:

Middleton’s clear crisp style of writing makes for an easy read; his personal nsights from talking with Centenarians makes for a fascinating and engaging read. This book can easily be read in an afternoon curled up on the couch but also as a ready reference for encouragement and guidance whenever needed. I enjoyed the stories of these admirable people but the cited references and famous quotes selected to support their stories added a new level of credibility to Middleton’s insights.

I find myself excited to share this work with others: my 90 yr. old aunt who could use a hopeful message; to my four sons who look to me for guidance; to my sister who I want to share many more years with; to friends who are part of my support system; actually anyone who I really care about.

To me, this book is a guide for living a good, productive, happy life for any age. Who cannot benefit from that good news? Thank you, Marc, and those who worked by your side, to produce this meaningful work.

From Sandy D. Scott:

First a disclaimer. I have been a big fan of the author for many years. I used to often watch Marc Middleton when he was a sports anchor on the NBC affiliate in Orlando – WESH. Years later, after moving from the area, I was happy to discover him through the incredible company, Growing Bolder Media of which he is the founder and CEO. Growing Bolder has a fascinating website which has become a meeting place for many fans of the concept of growing bolder rather than simply just growing older. Not only can there be found endless fascinating stories of some of the most interesting people on the planet, but the website is an incredible medium for the exchange of interesting and exciting ideas written by interesting and exciting people. I love both their radio and TV programs. The latter is broadcast nationally in over 200 markets. If you have not seen it, you owe it to yourself to both check out the website at […], and your local programming for the time/channel of the Growing Bolder TV show. Marc is also a regular blogger on Huffington Post, and I have yet to read one of his blogs that I did not find relevant and fascinating. Enough with the disclaimers. 

I was very pleased to discover that Marc had written this book, in that the subject is one that I find quite fascinating. But let me digress. I buy a lot of books on Amazon. For example, as an avid cyclist I have probably purchased a very high percentage of the books that are available on the subject. You, however, may or may not be interested in a cycling book. This book however, should be of interest to anyone interested in the subject of leading a long, healthy, active and fruitful life – something that I am sure we all strive for. I certainly do. 

Not only do we get an incredible insight into some amazing centenarians, but to me the most fascinating part of the book was chapter 6 which is entitled, “The 50 Ways to Live to 100.” These 50 “ways” are a compendium of long observation and conversations with many, very active, vigorous centenarians. We get the privilege of going to school on them. As an engineer by schooling, I am addicted to things mathematical hence I am compelled to point out that according to my deep calculations, the price of admission to learn these 50 “techniques” if you will, is a bargain dime per tip. The rest of the book is then virtually free! 

I would be disingenuous however if I failed to point out that you might not be able to utilize all 50 tips. For example, one of the common traits of these folks was that they stayed married. They may or may not have lost their spouse, but during the years of marriage, they were quite happy, and continue to live contentedly with the memories of wonderful unions. So, if you have just undergone a bitter divorce prior to reading this book, please know that you still are paying only 10 cents each for the 49 applicable tips! Of course you will hopefully go on to find your soulmate and hence comply with all 50 principles! 

In all seriousness, if you have a body and a brain, which probably applies to almost everyone reading this, and if you are interested in living as long a vigorous, healthy, productive, exciting life as you possibly can, this book is a user manual for that goal. My understanding is that this book is simply the first in what will be a series of fascinating books published by Growing Bolder Media, and I can’t wait to see the next!

From Roberta W. Lyon:

Wow, trot out the superlatives. What a great book. I am brimming with enthusiasm and my heart is racing with the excitement of growing older and growing bolder. It is suggested at the end of the book that we “take away hope, encouragement and optimism.” No problem. The best part for me personally is that I fit the bill of those happy centenarians. I’m on the right track. As a humorist I was delighted to hear once again about the value of good humor. What a pat on the back. It’s even a nudge for the cautious types. Get out there and enjoy life. That’s the bottom line. God bless Marc Middleton and the Growing Bolder team who have turned the “youth culture” on its ear.

From Chuck Nyren:

Marc Middleton, for some odd reason, wants to become a Centenarian some day. I hope he succeeds (although I probably won’t be around to congratulate him).

This book is less about how to reach one-hundred, and more about being active, having fun, and contributing right up until the grim reaper does his job. (That sickle-wielding fellow is becoming quite frustrated lately, even grimmer, what with so many people living longer.)

Medical advances, the broad use of government sanitation, a healthy lifestyle, and positive thinking are contributing to a much better life for people sixty-five and up. This is obvious from all the fascinating folks Marc and his colleagues have interviewed for this book.

After reading Rock Stars of Aging, check out the web page. Some great videos there.

From elizabeth:

Marc Middleton wants to become a Centenarian and a painter, among other things. Being a painter myself, this admission of his made me smile, wide.

This book is less about how to reach a ripe old age, and much more about being active, having fun, and staying positive. All of these qualities are reinforced by the Growing Bolder TV and Radio Shows. I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Marc for the show and since then I have totally enjoyed reading and watching videos that they have done on other ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

I LOVE the funny, light, and positive quotes at the beginning of every chapter! So many of them made me dog-ear the page so that I could go back and share them with others or just enjoy them again for myself. This book is easy to read and you will come away feeling good about growing older, I promise. I was so drawn in to the positive message here, that I read the book from cover to cover in one sitting. I could not put it down, I did not WANT to put it down.

Middleton is correct, happy positive people make you want to spend time with them. This book makes you feel that way too. If you are looking for a shot of “feel good” in the arm, read this book. It will lift your spirits, make your day, and leave you thinking that growing older is what YOU make of it. I love the idea Middleton presents that we CAN overcome our genetics and family history with a healthy, positive lifestyle. And including a dog in the mix!

Thank you Marc Middleton for bringing us positive stories every day!

From Barbara Grufferman:

Full disclosure: I am a huge fan of Marc Middleton and his team at Growing Bolder, and have been a loyal listener and viewer of the Growing Bolder Radio and TV shows (as well as a guest) for quite a while. In that time, I have seen Marc talk with passion and sheer joy about the amazing things that ordinary people (who just happen to be aging) are doing all across America, every day. Marc has interviewed scores of men and women over 50 who are reinventing their careers, starting companies, running marathons, becoming artists, writing books . . . . all because they are filled with an incredible zest and determination, even in the face of some pretty major challenges. What I’ve seen and heard through the Growing Bolder programs, and on their website, has inspired me to continue to go way beyond my comfort zone as I get older, and embrace my age with joy, grace, and humor.

“Rock Stars of Aging” takes this same enthusiastic approach and presents the reader with lessons from some of our “most active elders.” The book, as Marc points out in his introduction, is not based on surveys, scientific research, or the opinions of scholars . . . but instead is based on the extensive first-hand experience Marc and his team have had interviewing men and women in their 80s, 90s and beyond. We have the pleasure of meeting men and women who are graduating from college, playing the ukulele, and setting world records as the oldest barefoot water skier. From all these wonderful people, many lessons can be learned . . . and Marc shares them all with us, the readers. As diverse as this group of elders is, there are many commonalities that bind them together: what they eat or don’t eat; how much sleep they get; how they approach each day; their philosophies on marriage and friendships; their enthusiasm for work; and so on. Although, as Marc pointed out, there’s no scientific evidence, it seems clear from the many beautifully written anecdotes that they all share many common traits, especially . . . a life lived without fear or regret.

I highly recommend this lovely book, filled with charming quotes and anecdotes. You’ll want to hug each and every one of the interesting and vivacious people you meet in it’s pages . . . and for sure, you’ll want to sit at their feet and learn. And thanks to Marc, we have the chance to do just that.

Barbara Hannah Grufferman 
author, “The Best of Everything After 50: The Experts’ Guide to Style, Sex, Health, Money and More”

From Welch Follower “Business Major MBA”:

If you had a guide that would help you live not just longer but live longer remaining vital, wouldn’t you get it? Well here it is! Marc Middleton and the Growing Bolder team are on a mission to change the way people attack life. They challenge the perceptions of what it means to grow older. This book and their message are changing the world. They teach us not how to survive but how to live. Push your inhibitions, and “I can’t” to the side and change ‘can’t’ to ‘CAN’ and ‘why’ to ‘WHY NOT’. It isn’t about surviving to be 100 it is about living to be 100! Making each breath worth it and leaving this world better for having been here. Get this book and learn from the lessons of people who are doing it! This is your first step to changing your life. Get it and be the Rock Star in your own life!

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