Mark Wexler

Mark Wexler is one of America’s preeminent documentary filmmakers, with a growing body of amazing work.

For his latest project, he spent four years circling the globe to investigate what it means to grow old and what it could mean to live forever. In his new film, “How to Live Forever: Results May Vary,” Mark says he’s found some key answers to living a healthy life. Mark said like many Boomers, he was inspired to pursue this project after turning 50 himself. His mother had recently passed away and he received his AARP card in the mail. Yet he still felt like there was so much more he wanted to do in life, so he set out to discover the tips for living a longer, healthier life by interviewing centenarians, philosophers, doctors and even older porn stars.

Mark describes some of the most interesting people he met along the way, including Growing Bolder Radio Show guest Aubrey de Grey, who believes the first person to live to 1,000 may already be alive.

Find out what characteristics he found in common in people who live long lives. Plus, he talks about why he made a movie about his relationship with his Oscar-winning father.

To find out how you can see Mark’s documentary, which also features the late Jack LaLanne, Suzanne Somers and Phyllis Diller, click here to visit his website

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