Chet Hoff

Chet Hoff lived longer than any former professional athlete in history. But he was unknown until his 100th birthday in 1991 when a TV appearance and a photo taken in a Yankee uniform gained him worldwide attention. [Read more…]

Frances Shevenaugh

At 105, she worked out at the YMCA three times a week, and told us she was loving life! In this Growing Bolder exclusive, find out what three things mad Frances Shevenaugh tick. OK, we’ll tell you, it’s exercise, travel and bourbon! [Read more…]

Wilhelmina Hoorn

Centenarians like Wilhelmina Hoorn are the second fastest growing demographic in America.
[Read more…]

Onie Ponder

Before passing away at the age of 112, Onie Ponder was amazingly spry, witty, charming and engaged in life.
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Harold Rotenberg

At 104, Harold Rotenberg was still in love with life, still in love with his wife, and still in love with his art. [Read more…]

Ruth Hamilton

At age 109, Ruth became the world’s oldest blogger, filing video blogs under the screen name of Ruth1898. [Read more…]