Mark Wexler

Mark Wexler is one of America’s preeminent documentary filmmakers, with a growing body of amazing work.

For his latest project, he spent four years circling the globe to investigate what it means to grow old and what it could mean to live forever. In his new film, “How to Live Forever: Results May Vary,” Mark says he’s found some key answers to living a healthy life.  [Read more…]

Des Cummings

Is it really possible for all of us to live to be a Healthy 100? The short answer is yes, because contrary to popular belief, how long and how well you live is largely determined by your lifestyle, not your genes.

Des Cummings Jr., executive vice president of Florida Hospital, is on a mission to help each of us learn the secrets to a long, healthy life. [Read more…]

Ken Hechler

For decades, Ken Hechler has served his country and witnessed the biggest moments in history. He interrogated Hitler’s top commanders before Nuremberg, marched with Dr. King on Selma and taught alongside Einstein. Now in his 90s, he’s still making history. [Read more…]

Dr. Norman Wall

At the time, it was just a simple, selfless act. The right thing to do. Seventy years later, a young Army captain’s good idea is responsible for saving countless lives.

It was just one incident in the long, rewarding life of Dr. Norman Wall, who is one of the most compelling, relevant and fascinating 97-year-olds on the planet. [Read more…]

Chet Hoff

Chet Hoff lived longer than any former professional athlete in history. But he was unknown until his 100th birthday in 1991 when a TV appearance and a photo taken in a Yankee uniform gained him worldwide attention. [Read more…]

Frances Shevenaugh

At 105, she worked out at the YMCA three times a week, and told us she was loving life! In this Growing Bolder exclusive, find out what three things mad Frances Shevenaugh tick. OK, we’ll tell you, it’s exercise, travel and bourbon! [Read more…]

Mary Anne Cooper

She’s not really an athlete. She’s a retired biologist who loves adventure. That’s why 96-year-old Mary Anne Cooper traveled from British Columbia to Arizona to compete in the U.S. Masters Swimming National Championships.

“I’m always looking for the little miracles,” she tells us. “Not the big things. The little miracles. The nice happy little things that happen are the most wonderful part of life.” [Read more…]

Banana George

What does it take to make it to 100? Passion for life and determination. Something Banana George has in abundance.

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Wilhelmina Hoorn

Centenarians like Wilhelmina Hoorn are the second fastest growing demographic in America.
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Onie Ponder

Before passing away at the age of 112, Onie Ponder was amazingly spry, witty, charming and engaged in life.
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