What We’ve Learned From Hanging Out With the World’s Most Active Elders

We were there when 110-year-old Onie Ponder voted in the presidential election; when 109-year-old Ruth Hamilton discovered video chatting; when Wilhelmina Hoorn danced on her 107th birthday; when 103-year-old artist Harold Rotenberg flirted with the ladies while being honored at a major museum; when 96-year-old Mary Anne Cooper traveled across the country to compete in the national swimming championships and when 93-year-old George Blair battled back from a case of pneumonia to set another record as the world’s oldest barefoot water skier.

We interviewed 108-year-old Bill Hargrove in between games at his local bowling alley; 103-year-old Bill Tapia in between rehearsals for his  live ukulele concert; 101-year-old Virgil Coffman after he walked into a Chevy dealer and plunked down $38,000 cash for a special edition 426-horsepower Chevy Camaro; Nola Ochs after becoming the world’s oldest college graduate at age 96; 95-year-old world track and field champion Trent Lane after chopping firewood on his ranch; Mae Laborde after moving to Hollywood to pursue her dream of becoming a Hollywood actress at age 93; and Frankie Manning after dancing with 97 different women to celebrate his 97th birthday.

If they hold a record as the world’s oldest anything, chances are we’ve interviewed them. The world’s oldest woman to reach the North Pole? Check. The world’s oldest NASCAR driver? Got him. The world’s oldest showgirl, college baseball player, Olympian, motivational speaker? Yes. Yes. Yes. And Yes. We listened and we learned. This book contains the lifestyle secrets of centenarians.